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Open RAR compressed files easily with a straightforward interface
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Just after the ZIP format, RAR is the second most-used compressed files format. It has a better compression rate than ZIP, but it is not as popular.
Nevertheless, if you receive or download a lot of RAR files and don't need to create any, then this program will be useful for you. It has a simple and straightforward interface with only the basic options. First, you need to open the RAR file you want to extract. The compressed files will appear on the main window. You can choose to extract all the files or select only those you need at the moment. By default, the program decompresses the files in the same folder where the RAR file is stored, but you can choose a different location. Once you have chosen the location for decompressing the files, the program will start extracting them. In general, the extraction process is quick, but it will depend on the size of the compressed files and on the speed of your processor.

The program can also show information about the RAR file you want to extract, such as the number of compressed files, size of them when compressed and uncompressed, and so on.

The main disadvantage is, as I've said earlier, that you can't create RAR files. Also, the interface is rather dull, although this feature does not affect the program's performance.

If you work frequently with RAR files, then you may want to check this program.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The program is free to download and use


  • The program does not create RAR files. It only can open them
  • The program's interface is rather dull
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